Welcome to Extreme Pro Plumbing, a broad Plumbing, Waterproofing, and Bathroom Renovations company that never sleeps. Through day, night, rain, and shine, our team of dedicated professionals have you covered. We offer everything from complete plumbing services, to effective waterproofing solutions and stunning bathroom renovations. Our services are available to you 24/7, no matter what time it is!


Extreme Pro Plumbing was founded by Christo Hammond with the goal of restoring South Africans’ faith in the plumbing industry along the Garden Route. We pride ourselves on both the quality of service we offer and the relationships that we nurture with our clients. It’s our mission to provide services that exceed expectations, so much to retain every single one of our clients.


We’re a full-house company that specialises in complete plumbing services, waterproofing solutions, and bathroom renovations. We only use SABS-approved materials in all that we do.

Our work also complies with the South African National Standards (SANS). This means that every time we take on a project, our clients are treated to a world-class African service from world-class African professionals using world-class materials.

  • Complete Plumbing Services

    We offer a suite of plumbing services that ranges from basic drainage and water system repairs, to septic tank and French drain unclogging. We’re an all-round 24-hour plumbing company – we’re always ready for any challenge you bring to us.

  • Waterproofing & Damp-proofing Solutions

    We use only the best tools and solutions to ensure that critical areas of your home are properly waterproofed to prevent extensive water damage; we’re in the game of prevention.

  • Water Tank & Geyser Services

    Whether you need a completely new geyser installed, or you just need your current geyser to be fixed, Extreme Pro Plumbing has you covered.

  • Bathroom Renovations
    & Installations

    We do it all, from bath and shower installations to complete bathroom renovations that will make you proud every time you go in for a wash.

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