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Effective Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Solutions

Extreme Pro Plumbing offers a complete range of affordable waterproofing and damp proofing solutions. We’re in the business of prevention before all else; waterproofing vulnerable areas in your home is one of our ways of retaining Extreme Pro Plumbing Customers for Life.

Water damage can lead to serious structural issues in the long-run, especially when the source of a leak is a pipe you had no idea existed. That’s why we offer complete waterproofing and damp proofing solutions for critical areas of your home. We do it to help you ensure that water damage is something you never have to worry about.

Our specialists are trained to identify a problem, diagnose its cause, and fix the issue before it starts causing major damage. We nurture an ethos of never completing a project until you’re happy.

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Our Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Services

When you hire an Extreme Pro Plumber, you’re hiring someone who can and will get the job done beyond your expectations. Don’t believe us? Keep on scrolling down to get an idea of how seriously we take our craft. Otherwise, get in touch with us to get a more personalised description of our offering.

Stripping the floor and getting it ready to be rubberized

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