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We offer comprehensive geyser and water tank repairs and installation services. Through night or day, we’re the plumbers that you can trust to fix a bust water tank, replace a defunct geyser, or install either one of these devices fresh from the store.

A damaged geyser or water tank can cost you an arm and a leg to repair or replace if you don’t act quickly. Extreme Pro Plumbers will never sell you short by recommending a replacement when a repair job is all that’s needed, and vice versa. We’re all about trust, and we trust you to trust us to get things done right, the first time around.

Our plumbers are trained to identify a problem, diagnose its cause, and fix the issue before it starts causing major damage. We nurture an ethos of never completing a project until you’re happy.

Don’t believe us? Keep on scrolling down to get an idea of how seriously we take our craft. Otherwise, get in touch with us to get a more personalised description of our offering.

Types of services

Our Geyser/Water Tank Repair and Installation Services

When you hire an Extreme Pro Plumber, you’re hiring someone who can and will get the job done beyond your expectations. Below is a list of the repair, installation, and replacement services that we offer for geysers and water tanks.


  • We Handle Geyser Repairs and Replacements
  • We Install Water Tanks to Capture Rainwater
  • We Do Installations and Repairs of Swimming Pool Pumps
  • We Install and Repair Irrigations Systems
  • We Install and Repair Storm Water Drainage Systems
  • Got A Solar Geyser? No Stress, We Work with Those Too

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Get in touch with us, let us know how we can help you.


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